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Dear partner, interesrted in shipping,

Decades by now, I am efficiently active in ship building, designing and constructing sailing yachts, motor sailers and motor yachts, also supervising their constructions in process. Up to now I have designed and constructed mostly sailing yachts up to a lenght of 125 feet, catamarans till 100 feet, and motor yachts around 90 feet, built and sailing worldwide.

Normally the ships are unique constructions for definite orderers, who wished to see realized their personal ideas and dreams of comfort and luxury. Owners of big yachts wish to enjoy their standard, representing genuinely, increasing prestige, the high-class yacht being a means to that end. The ships serve for relaxing and sporting, are on hand for business conferences and voyages, and sometimes as retirement retreat.

The yachts designed, constructed and having been built comprise oldtimers with gaff sails, modern sailing yachts for cruising or racing, and motor yachts for highest speeds. For each design the constructional building codes and all necessary plans are draw up, enablingany shipyard to build accordingly. Many a hint to read in my book: Scharping "Konstruktion und Bau von Yachten" ("design, costruction and building of yachts"), Verlag Delius Klasing, Bielefeld.

A further field of activity is the planning and construction of Marinas and shipyards for boatbuiling. Several yacht harbours in Europe were designed by me, some shipyards converted to modern builing methods, and sundry boatyards were planned, designed, constructed, and set up for serial production.

For further consultation and advice I shall be at your service. Please refer to the above adress.